Quickies Collection Volume 1

Included in this bundle: 

Quickies Series #1: Going Down: 

My best friend Paige’s boss was just the type of guy who would make her work late on her birthday: rich, arrogant, entitled (and handsome, really handsome). So when I walked into his office one night offering him a business proposition I was sure he couldn’t refuse, I was surprised when he offered me one: Paige’s freedom in exchange for a date. Dinner was the easy part; it was an elevator ride that had us both falling…

Quickies Series #2: Snowed In: 

After breaking up with my long-term boyfriend, I decided to forego our annual spring break trip to Mexico, instead picking a location as far away from sandy beaches as I could possibly get: the mountains of Colorado. My best friend made me promise to have a little fun, and there’s nothing like a one-night stand to heal the sting of a broken heart. I had no idea there would be so much more to the gorgeous mystery man I met in the lobby of the lodge where I was staying. When a storm hit, things between us got hot enough to melt snow…
Quickies Series #3: Coming Clean 

Chris Mitchell was the one that got away. We met in high school during a long, hot summer, and never acted on the attraction that sizzled just below the surface. When I run into him at a restaurant where I’m sitting alone after being stood up for a date, he smiles at me, and it’s like we’re teenagers again. After a few glasses of wine and a romantic candlelit dinner, we start talking about what could’ve been, and before we know it we’re both coming clean…

The Quickies Series are short, sexy stories you can read in one sitting!