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One Night With the Billionaire

Kaia Richardson is fresh out of college, and struggling to make ends meet with her up-and-coming graphic design business. On her way to a presentation that could make or break her, she runs into Jason Turner, a handsome, mysterious billionaire.

Jason is immediately drawn to Kaia, and wastes no time in letting her know how much he wants her. But for reasons that Jason doesn’t explain, reasons that he doesn’t even like to think about, he can’t let himself get involved with anyone. It’s not safe.

So, he asks Kaia to meet up with him that evening, but there’s a catch: they can only have one night together.

Despite her own better judgement, Kaia agrees. But one pleasure-filled night isn’t enough for either one of them, and Jason finds his resistance crumbling.

If Jason lets Kaia get closer, she could get hurt. If he lets her go, he’ll always want her.

If he can keep her safe, is it worth a chance?

When Kaia finds out that past Jason’s holding onto is built on a lie, maybe Jason will finally let himself have a future with her…