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The Billionaire’s Best Friend

Unlucky in love, Becca Smith always preferred getting her romance fix by following the private lives of the rich and famous in her favorite tabloids. After her most recent breakup, Becca locked her heart away and retreated into the safe distance that following other people’s relationships afforded her. Then, at her best friend’s wedding, she meets Tristan Blackwell. A tabloid fixture for his bad boy ways, Becca thinks she knows all about him, but after one perfect night together, she realizes there might be more to him than meets the camera’s eye. Can she trust her heart with the one person who seems most likely to break it?

Tristan Blackwell has a long-standing reputation for being a hard-partying, irresponsible, fun-loving playboy. His life is pretty great, and he doesn’t see the point in trying to fix something that isn’t broken. But the weight of his family’s legacy is weighing on him, and he’s getting pressure from his family to get serious with his life and settle down into a job and a relationship. Uninterested in more than a one-night stand with the socialites he meets at nightclubs and parties, meeting Becca Smith is like a breath of fresh air. She sees the parts of him that no one else has bothered to look at, and it scares the hell out of him.

When Tristan’s well-meaning, meddling mother invites Becca for a weekend at the family home in Connecticut, Tristan nervously agrees. He finds himself falling deeper for Becca and wondering if the life he’s living is enough anymore when the unimaginable happens. Will the prospect of losing everything they never knew they wanted finally push Tristan and Becca to take a chance on love and each other?